Cinderella Phenomenon Karma Walkthrough


Note: For the Bad End take the opposite answers after you picked his route

Chapter 1
Go left
Ask all the questions given
“So this is how you truly feel?”
Throw the tray at him

Chapter 2
Select Karma’s Route

Chapter 3
“It’s terrible”
Stand up for Rumpel *Stand up for Rumpel
Remain inside

Chapter 4
“I can see why you wouldn’t tell her”
The fancy cupcake with the lizard
Tease Karma

Chapter 5
Fight back
The lips
Try to convince them

Chapter 6
Step away from him
“You have to tell Jurien”
Bite his hand

Chapter 7
Scold him
“Let’s run the errands first”
“I came to speak with you”

Chapter 8
Turn and point your sword at him
“I want a hug”
“Thank you”

Chapter 9
“I want to talk to you”
“I promise”
“I could never be afraid of you”

Chapter 10

Happy End


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