Cinderella Phenomenon Rod Walkthrough


Note: For the Bad End take the opposite answers after you picked his route

Chapter 1
Go left
Ask all the questions given
Throw the tray at him

Chapter 2
Select Rod’s Route

Chapter 3
Answer him
Go outside
Why do you want me out of the palace?

Chapter 4
Stay silent
Give her the correct answers

Chapter 5
“I am fine”
Stay with him
“You are not doing a very good job”

Chapter 6
Compliment him
Tell him
“I am sure that I am a better dancer than you”

Chapter 7
Do not tell him
Explain the situation
Tell him off for his behaviour

Chapter 8
Plead with him
Warn Emalaigne

Chapter 9
Confront him
“You don’t have to apologize”
“How was the wedding?”

Chapter 10

Happy End


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