Ayakashi Gohan – Inushima Yomi Walkthrough

Childhood Days Chapter Say Hello "They're cute ..." Hands, clap *CG* "Th-thank you ..." Keep running Go over there "That's okay" "Kuu-tan's eyes ..." "Why?" Prologue - Ayakashi Route August 2x *CG* September 4x *CG* Water Chapter "What's inside?" Momoji Shrine "Of course, it's okay" "I was happy you came so quickly" 3x *CG* "I… Continue reading Ayakashi Gohan – Inushima Yomi Walkthrough

Ayakashi Gohan – Walkthrough

Once upon a time, a long time ago… It is not. In the corner of a certain village where ayakashi and humans coexist, there is a shop that serves meals for ayakashi. The name of this eatery is “Ponpokorin”. In that store, both ayakashi and humans visit it seeking to have a delicious meal. The…… Continue reading Ayakashi Gohan – Walkthrough